Therapy Groups

Therapy groups consist of ages 4 through 18 and focus on a variety of issues. For the younger children, group topics include social skills, anger management, frustration tolerance, cooperation, shyness, conflict resolution among others. The teen groups (ages 14 through 17) focus on peer relationships and pressures, family relationships, drug and alcohol pressures, depression/suicide, social skills/shyness, identity formation and other teen topics. The group sessions fosters cognitive awareness through specific therapy activities as well as skill building through applicable role playing. Therapy groups include 8 weekly sessions. Parent group sessions are also included to assist parents on how to best respond to their children's needs.  Learn More

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is provided to children and adults and is personalized to meet the specific needs of the patient. Evidence based therapy using directive, goal-oriented methods is utilized for more meaningful results. These methods are combined with a compassionate, candid and encouraging style to create a supportive environment for the patient. With children, we use non-threatening methods such as games, role-plays, drawings and activities to put the child at ease, build rapport and reduce the sense of "being in therapy". Interventions include psycho-educational, cognitive behavioral, family systems and many others. Therapeutic issues include anxiety, depression, trauma, dealing with loss/divorce, drug/alcohol addiction, stress, and more. The most important component of successful therapy is an appropriate match between the patient and therapist. We have several therapists with various styles so that we can best match the therapist with the patient's needs and personality.  Learn More

Parent Education & Training

An integral part of our treatment of children is parent education and training. We offer parent training to deal with a myriad of childhood issues. Parent training includes instruction in parent empowerment programs, conjoint sessions with a parent and child and multi parent groups to assist parents with similar parenting issues. We work with parents of younger children on establishing behavioral modification programs, responding to tantrums, overcoming homework battles and appropriate use of discipline and rewards. We help parents of teens cope with their teen's mood swings, hostility, drug and alcohol use, lack of motivation and/or depression. We also can provide drug testing kits for parents to test their teenagers.  Learn More


Wondering if medications can help you or your child? In addition to psychotherapy, Fulton Psychological Group offers psychiatric outpatient services. With a psychiatrist on staff, we can offer medication evaluations, consultations and ongoing medication management for children, adolescents and adults. The psychiatrist works closely with the therapist to best coordinate services and meet the mental health needs of the patient. Our psychiatrist is board certified, professional, compassionate, thorough and well versed in the most effective treatments and standards of care.  Learn More

Psychological Testing

We offer a full range of psychological testing. Often parents are concerned about learning issues, attentional problems and academic achievement. We can also do testing to determine if your child suffers from anxiety, depression or more serious mental illnesses. Adults may be curious about their personality traits, coping strategies and relationship styles. As psychologists, we can provide testing in emotional problems, personality, intelligence, ADHD, behavioral problems and achievement/grade level.  Learn More