Kathryn Swanson, M.Ed., CMPC

Kat Swanson is a registered Psychological Assistant (SB94024043) with Fulton Psychological Group under the supervision of Dr. Christopher Fulton (PSY14741). Kat earned her Master’s degree in Counseling and Sport Psychology from Boston University. In addition, she is a certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC). She is also an Adjunct Faculty member in the psychology department at California Lutheran University.

Kat works directly with athletes, teams, coaches, and parents in order to help athletes develop the ideal mindset for optimal performance. Kat utilizes the latest sport science technology to enhance, restore, and maintain an athlete’s mentality at every level. Her professional experience has been focused on working with athletes at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels and in a variety of sports, from the NFL to motocross. Kat has always believed that the key to success is balance, especially for athletes.

Kat is passionate about educating the sports community about the mental side of athletics. She regularly works with youth leadership programs as a speaker and provides educational seminars about confidence, motivation, and performing under pressure for parents, coaches, and athletes.

Kat has various clinical experiences working with substance abuse, depression, and anxiety. She received training at substance abuse programs as well as college campuses, which provided her with experience with adolescent and young adults.

Kat has clinical experience working at North Shore Recovery High School as a mental health counselor. At NSRHS Kat gained experience working with adolescents with dual diagnoses. At this site, she worked with individuals with a variety of presenting problems, including mood and anxiety disorders, trauma, eating disorders, and substance abuse/addiction. In addition to building strong therapeutic relationships with clients, she employed CBT techniques and motivational interviewing skills during my work with students at NSRHS to develop treatment plans to aid in their recovery process. Kat also has a significant amount of experience running therapeutic groups regarding health and wellness. Through this challenging position she has gained a passion for working with adolescents.

In addition, Kat gained valuable clinical experience working at the Barbara McInnis House in Boston with clients who are struggling with homelessness, addiction, mental illnesses, and physical illnesses. During her time at the McInnis House, she worked with the homeless population to work through psychosocial assessments, develop time management skills that allow them to plan for employment and housing upon discharge.

Kat has a disarming style and remains poised even under high conflict or during intense situations. Teens particularly find her relatable and easy to talk to. She likes to work with parents on how to manage the challenges of having a teen in the household. To schedule an appointment, call 818.591-3000 ext. 15.