About Us

Fulton Psychological Group is a mental health group that provides a broad array of psychological and psychiatric services. The purpose of the group is to provide high quality and compassionate psychological and psychiatric services to help improve people’s lives. The group is also to provide schools, professionals and other parts of the community assistance through mental health education and consultation.

The professionals in the group strive toward the highest standard of care through continuous quality improvement through ongoing training and consultation. To ensure the highest quality the services provided are often solution oriented and focused, evidence-based or grounded in established theory.

Mission Statement

Fulton Psychological Group offers community-based mental health treatment through a broad array of psychological, psychiatric, and testing services. Our goal is to provide high quality and compassionate treatment to help improve clients’ emotional well being. Effective therapy utilizes collaboration, on-going training, and services that are supported and grounded in established theory. Our practice also provides schools, parents, and other professionals in the community support through education and consultation.