The Fulton Psychological Group understands that sometimes emotional problems cannot be reduced by therapy alone. Some emotional problems are more chemically than situationally based. In these cases, medications may be sought out to either enhance psychotherapy or as a first line of treatment. At Fulton Psychological Group, we offer psychiatric outpatient services for a full range of issues, including; ADHD, depression, anxiety, panic disorders, sleep problems, bipolar disorders, Schizophrenia and more. Medication management, evaluations and consultations are provided by our psychiatrists for children, adolescents and adults. The psychiatrists work closely with our psychologists and assessment specialist to both enhance diagnosis and augment treatment. Thus, you get a team of professionals to help you rather than merely a sole practitioner.

Our psychiatrists are board certified, professional, compassionate, thorough and well versed in the most effective treatments and standards of care. They provide treatment for all individuals in need, including the "hard to treat" patient who has not responded well to therapy and other medication regimens. Patients initially receive a full medication evaluation, and when possible, our psychiatrists collaborate with other professionals integral to the patient's treatment and well being. Our patients are well informed about the efficacy, potential side effects, and risks associated with taking medications. Thus, patients will receive pertinent information regarding the efficacy and side effects of the various medications. When working with children, we believe in cultivating a collaborative approach with our patients, as well as their parents, to empower them in the difficult process of choosing from the treatment options. Each patient is cared for as an individual with unique and specific needs.

If you would like an evaluation or more information about the psychiatric services that we provide, please contact Dr. Fulton at (818) 591-3000 ext. 1.