Performance Training

FPG believes that training the mind is like training any other muscle. Our sport psychology team is dedicated to the success of individual athletes and teams alike. Recognizing the mental aspect of performance is only the beginning, we provide the psychological "How To's" for optimal performance when it matters most, not leaving the mental game up to chance.

Mental skills training provides an in-depth understanding of specific tools that athletes learn, practice, and master. These specific skills assist athletes whether they are facing roadblocks, such as performance anxiety or inconsistent performance, or just want to gain an edge over their competition.

Our AASP-certified (Association of Applied Sports Psychology) Consultants are trained at the graduate level in sport psychology. As previous athletes themselves, our team is passionate about helping athletes achieve ideal mindsets for optimal performance. Their extensive expertise with athletes ranging from beginner to Olympic levels makes them competent to work with a variety of athletes.

Every athlete has unique needs. FPG believes that it is important to work on each individual’s game by creating a customized mental skills training program.

Mental skills training with FPG is valuable for athletes of all ages and levels. Our sport psychology team is focused on 3 areas of assisting athletes: restoring mental performance, enhancing mental skills, and maintaining the mental edge.

ENHANCE: Athletes choose FPG when they are looking to take their game to the next level. We give athletes a comprehensive set of tools to take control of his/her mental game. Whether an athlete is transitioning from college to professional level or JV to Varsity, we can always enhance our game.

RESTORE: Feeling off your game? Can’t get into the “zone?” As athletes, we all face challenges whether it is injury, pressure, performance anxiety or just a plain “slump.” Our sport psychology team works with athletes and teams to discover what the roadblock to optimal performance is. We work to identify specific areas that need improvement and train athletes in skills that assist them in overcoming barriers and reaching desired performance levels.

MAINTAIN: We all know that consistency in performance is the key to success and long-lived careers. We work with athletes to make peak performance easier to recreate on a consistent basis.

Sessions are 45 minutes and focus on developing the ideal mindset for optimal performance. Areas of training include but are not limited to: building confidence, performing to potential, coach/athlete relationship, overcoming mental roadblocks, performance anxiety, dealing with burnout, and mistake recovery.

Team training is designed to develop team cohesion, leadership skills, communication, and overall team performance. Team training sessions are 1 hour and designed to be interactive and incorporate specific athletic settings in order for teams to train for peak performance. Our team incorporates coaches’ and athletes’ feedback to develop a plan and identify areas for improvement. In addition, our team is certified in DISC Assessment and utilizes this tool to give you insight into team dynamics, how to communicate, and how to get the most out of every player.
Minimum of 5 team sessions is recommended.

Whether you are on the court or in the boardroom, teamwork is vital. Corporate sessions are designed to build efficiency, productivity, and cohesion. Ask about using the DISC assessment for your business!