Josh Brazier, Certified Personal Coach

Humanitarian Therapy

Josh Brazier has been traveling the world alongside friends, family, and those he mentors for over a decade. During this time he has been creating unique and effective programs that help the world’s most vulnerable children: orphans. At the same time he has been providing humanitarian therapy to those he connects with the orphans.

From those experiences he’s created a non-profit, Kaiizen Foundation, that has creatively taught and mentored thousands of young volunteers in the art of serving, and has helped those volunteers better the lives of the hundreds of children Kaiizen serves in various countries around the world. These efforts continue to expand, both for the orphans and those in need as well as the volunteers he connects with them.

Josh created an industry first, a Humanitarian Therapy Program, at Telos Residential Treatment Center. The residential program serves youth with depression, anxiety, opposition and a myriad of other issues. Josh mentored hundreds of boys in the program while traveling and serving alongside them. He would help the boys in the program gain a broader perspective, learn to relate with others and expand their compassion through their humanitarian efforts. Often, the boys would report that the humanitarian experiences had the most profound impact on them.

Aftercare Support

Josh began noticing that the boys in the residential program had a difficult time transitioning back into their community at home after being discharged. Thus, he created Telos’ Aftercare Treatment Program which helped provide the support and guidance to help the boys transition back to their homes and apply the principles learned in the residential program. Josh has taken what he created at Telos and provides transitional services for youth leaving residential programs.

College Student Life Coaching

It's a hard balance with college students these days. As a parent you don't want to hover over and nag your college student. At the same time she may be struggling with managing time, navigating the college bureaucracy and getting needed services. Josh helps with this by checking in with your college student on a weekly basis, setting goals and making sure that your student is on track. He comes up with strategies to meet the goals and helps empower your student to become independent and self sufficient. Having Josh take over this role allows you as a parent to have a relationship with your adult child without the tension of checking on her or reprimanding her for not getting something taken care of.

Failure to Launch Coaching

There are a growing number of young adults who either have not found their way after college or couldn't manage to get through college and become self-sufficient. Josh works with these "failure to launch" young adults in getting them to feel empowered, get ready for job interviews, find some purpose in their lives and become more responsible. He works in conjunction with a family therapist to help the family navigate how to assist the young adult in becoming independent and self-reliant. The parents learn to have a balance between setting limits and being supportive.