Jonine Nazar-Biesman, Psy.D

Licensed Psychologist


PSY 17283

"Dr. Biesman's warmth, patience, and dedication are evident to those with whom she works as well as her ability to clearly define problems and help families prioritize."

Dr. Jonine Biesman, ABPdN, is a Board Certified Pediatric Neuropsychologist and Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Neuropsychology. She holds an advanced, post-doctoral certificate in Neuropsychological Assessment and Intervention through the Fielding Institute. Also a licensed Clinical Psychologist for over twelve years, Dr. Biesman was recently appointed by the Governor to the California State Council on Developmental Disabilities, honored with a seat on Area Board 10 serving Los Angeles County to protect and advocate for the civil, legal, and service rights of persons with developmental disabilities. Dr. Biesman holds two certifications as a training leader and interventionist in DIR/Floortime through the Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders founded by Dr. Stanley Greenspan and through the Profectum Foundation lead by Dr. Serena Wieder. Dr. Biesman has over fifteen years of experience working with infants, children, adolescents, adults and families. She was awarded her degree in Clinical Psychology from United States International University in San Diego, now Alliant International University. Dr. Biesman conducts comprehensive neuropsychological and developmental evaluations, psychoeducational and psychological testing, and general screening consultations to better understand students’ strengths and areas of need, gain diagnostic clarity, devise individualized treatment plans, early intervention programs, to secure academic and testing accommodations through all grades including college, and to provide a “road map” to optimize students’ development.

Dr. Biesman is experienced with treating infants as young as twenty months and children and adolescents from the ages of two and beyond. She has led numerous groups ranging from social skills groups for younger children to general groups for adolescents. In addition to her diagnostic work, she excels at play therapy and has a strong sub-specialty treating children and adolescents with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Mood and Anxiety Disorders including Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, neurological compromise, and general adolescent issues. Dr. Biesman is a parent trainer, family therapist, and speaker. She is part of a ground-zero team in developing a strengths-based assessment for children and adolescents that will guide specialized and innovative community activities through the launch of She is finally part of a multi-disciplinary team creating alternative educational models and strategies for students who do not respond well to traditional pencil and paper methods of learning.

Dr. Biesman's reputation in the medical community and local schools is exemplary in that she takes an approach to testing that is flexible, sensible, comprehensive and consumer-driven. She examines each case individually, facilitating greater understanding of essential strengths and areas of need. She ensures that referral questions are answered in a clear and thorough manner and that recommendations are specific and helpful in the context of a well-formulated overall treatment plan. Ultimately, she believes that children and adolescents are much better understood by skillfully examining their process and approach to tasks rather than by interpreting test scores in isolation. Dr. Biesman devotes as much time as needed to each test case, including follow-up, advocacy, education of parents, and concern for her students' well-being during the evaluation -- always seeking optimal levels of performance. She attends IEP meetings to assist with the development of academic accommodations and has had much success in procuring Regional Center services for those children in need. Her warmth, patience, and dedication are evident to those with whom she works as well as her ability to clearly define problems and help families prioritize.