Jason Mechanick, Psy.D

Licensed Psychologist

PSY 24364

"Dr. Mechanick's style is cooperative, compassionate and motivational. He is able to quickly develop rapport and guide the treatment towards the goals that are sought for change. He has a casual yet professional approach that makes teens and young adults feel at ease. "

Dr.Jason Mechanick is a licensed clinical psychologist and has been providing therapy to adolescents and their families for 20 years. He received his Master's degree in 1999 and his doctorate in 2008 from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology, Chicago (ISPP). Both degrees are in clinical psychology. His undergraduate degree, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, was in Psychology and Hebraic Studies.

Dr. Mechanick has clinical training and experience in a variety of settings, such as: a community mental health agency, a non-public school, a county health department, several private schools, a psychiatric hospital, group homes, and several public school sites. In addition to his clinical experience, Dr. Mechanick has administrative, teaching, consulting, research, and psychological testing experience. Furthermore, Dr. Mechanick has been trained in evidenced based theories that focus on trauma and substance abuse, which are non- judgmental and hopeful. Depending on the unique circumstances of each client, the theories can be adjusted to focus on the specific needs for each person.

In addition to his therapy work, Dr. Mechanick has been a chairperson of a Diversity Awareness Committee, provided Diversity and Grief Therapy trainings, and been a participant on several disaster preparedness committees. He has designed and implemented many different types of programs for adults and youth, such as, an environmental awareness program and led a community Grief Support group and a freshman orientation psycho-educational group to support the transition for these students into high school.

Dr. Mechanick provides consultation and ongoing therapy for adolescents, families and adults. He conducts group, individual, couples and family therapy and is experienced with a variety of disorders, including: depression, adjustment disorder, ADHD, Asperger's, anxiety, PTSD, substance abuse, oppositional defiant disorder, bipolar disorder, and other emotional-behavioral disorders. Among his most frequent areas of concentration is transitional age youth (e.g. ages 18-25), for which Dr. Mechanick offers therapy for all involved: individual therapy for the adolescent, as well as conjoint therapy with the adolescent and parent. Dr. Mechanick also has done much work with families of divorce; working with parents on co-parenting, the children on coping and with the family on creating a new vision of family.

Dr. Mechanick's approach to therapy is non-judgmental and utilizes a combination of cognitive-behavioral, family systems, motivational role playing, while focusing on accepting responsibility. When working with adults, Dr. Mechanick's style is cooperative, compassionate and motivational. He is able to quickly develop rapport and guide the treatment towards the goals that are sought for change. In his work with adolesents, Dr. Mechanick involves parents and assists them in developing appropriate responses to their teens, since he believes that ultimately the bridge between the parent and the teen is the key to making helpful changes. Dr. Mechanick helps the family understand the different roles that exist within the home in order to facilitate the development of appropriate boundaries, improve communication and implement methods of discipline to increase positive relationships for the entire family. In addition to creating better familial understanding, Dr. Mechanick collaborates with teachers, pediatricians and others who come into contact with and influence the child and family.

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