Christopher Fulton

Licensed Psychologist

PSY 14741

Dr.Christopher Fulton has been a licensed clinical psychologist since 1996 and has been working in the mental health field since 1990. He received his doctorate in 1994 from the California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles (CSPP, LA). His degree was in community-clinical psychology and his training was in family and child psychotherapy.  Learn More

Stephen Ball

Licensed Psychologist

PSY 21155

Dr. Stephen Ball is a Licensed Psychologist (PSY 21155) working in private practice. He has earned his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology: Los Angeles (or Alliant University). His degree emphasis was in Individual, Family and Child psychology with a special emphasis on children.  Learn More

Catherine Green

Licensed Psychologist


Dr. Catherine Green is a licensed psychologist with Fulton Psychological Group. She earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from California School of Professional Psychology- Los Angeles (Alliant International University). Dr. Green has a general practice providing therapy to children, adolescents and adults.   Learn More

Jason Mechanick

Licensed Psychologist

PSY 24364

Dr. Jason Mechanick is a licensed clinical psychologist and has been providing therapy to adolescents and their families for 20 years. He has a disarming style that helps teens and young adults feel comfortable, supported and understood. Dr. Mechanick has had diverse training and experiences that makes him versatile and able to deal with a wide variety of clients and their issues. He really enjoys his work and it shows through his enthusiasm and compassion.   Learn More

Talin Hovsepian

Licensed Psychologist

PSY 29298

Dr. Hovsepian’s extensive training and experience has spanned a variety of settings including a community mental health, public school counseling center, neuropsychological testing center and private practice. She has worked with most ages, ranging from early childhood to late adulthood. She does individual, group, couples and family therapy. She has worked with individuals with a variety of conditions, including anxiety disorders, mood disorders, emotional regulation issues, autism, adjustment disorders, loss and grief, substance abuse, eating disorders and relationship issues. She has a calming effect on clients, making them feel at ease in the therapy room. She builds rapport easily with children, making them feel as though they are not in therapy. Her non-intrusive style is disarming and comforting to both children and adults.  Learn More

Steven Sager


Dr. Sager currently works as the psychiatrist for Fulton Psychological Group, a group mental health private practice. He provides medication consultations and ongoing medication management. Dr. Sager is a Diplomate in Child, Adolescent, Adult and Addiction Psychiatry. He treats patients with issues related to ADHD, depression, anxiety, bipolar, addictions and many more.   Learn More

Alyse Scarmozzino

Psychological Assistant

PSB 94022312

Alyse Scarmozzino’s style is calm, compassionate, and supportive. She is able to build rapport easily with children, making them feel comfortable.   Learn More

Tracy Rosberg

Licensed Psychologist

PSY 16145

Dr. Tracy Rosberg is a licensed clinical psychologist. She earned her doctoral degree, with Honors, in 1995 from the California School of Professional Psychology - San Diego (CSPP-SD), a school accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA). Working with adults, adolescents, and children, Dr. Rosberg utilizes individual, couple, and family work to help meet her clients' goals.   Learn More

Cynthia Levy

Licensed Psychologist


Dr. Cynthia A. Levy is a Licensed Psychologist PSY 29085. She has earned her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Alliant International University/California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego. Her degree emphasis was Forensic Psychology. At AIU/CSPP, as well as California State University, Northridge, Dr. Levy has earned Master of Arts degrees in clinical psychology, and prior to that earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles.   Learn More

Jonine Nazar-Biesman

Licensed Psychologist, Neuropsychologist

PSY 17283

Dr. Jonine Biesman, ABPdN, is a Board Certified Pediatric Neuropsychologist and Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Neuropsychology. She holds an advanced, post-doctoral certificate in Neuropsychological Assessment and Intervention through the Fielding Institute. Dr. Biesman conducts comprehensive neuropsychological and developmental evaluations, psychoeducational and psychological testing, and general screening consultations to better understand students’ strengths and areas of need, gain diagnostic clarity, devise individualized treatment plans, early intervention programs, to secure academic and testing accommodations through all grades including college, and to provide a “road map” to optimize students’ development.   Learn More

Devin Markle

Psychological Assistant

PSB 94024045

Devin has worked with individuals and teams to achieve their full potential both on and off the field. She has experience working with youth development programs through Olympic and Professional level athletes. Devin’s passion outside of working with athletes is with children and adolescents. She focuses on helping young children and teens become more confident, empowered and overcome their fears.   Learn More

Josh Brazier

Josh has brought a sense of meaning to therapy through his humanitarian therapy efforts. he works with youth and young adults in finding purpose in life, feeling empowered to make a difference, realizing the broader perspective and becoming independent of parents to become responsible and self-reliant. Josh achieves these goals through humanitarian trips around the world, life coaching and collaboration with mental health professionals and institutions. Josh helps the "lost souls" find meaningful happiness and the "failure to launch" young adults find a sense of self and direction in life.   Learn More

Debbie Rollins

Office Manager

As Office Manager, Debbie is responsible for all billing and administrative matters. She is warm, friendly and a good problem solver. Debbie is very responsive to clients' requests and helps clients receive the necessary information for insurance reimbursement. She is a great support to both the clients and our staff and makes sure FPG is running smoothly.   Learn More